The Nature Conservation Research Centre (NCRC) is recognized internationally as a leader in the fields of climate change, community conservation and rural ecotourism development. NCRC’s initiatives have facilitated sustainable economic development in many rural areas of Ghana and other countries of West Africa and the Horn of Africa.

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NCRC has entered its 3rd decade of work. The organization has grown rapidly over its first two decades to its current position as a leading conservation organization in Ghana and an important environmental group engaging across Africa. As a result of its 1st decade of activities, the Centre was recognized by the Government of Ghana and international partners as a key actor in the development of rural ecotourism and community protected areas in Ghana.

NCRC’s community tourism model was articulated in the national policy as the Government’s preferred approach to the development of rural tourism and has been acknowledged globally as a successful rural tourism initiative. The Centre’s work in rural ecotourism has also been instrumental in the establishment of the first private sector luxury safari lodge company in West Africa – Zaina Lodge.

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